Who are we

The company SUN POWER CENTER SRL was founded in 2012 with the intention of importing into Romania environmentally friendly sustainable lighting sources. The sale of solar lamps and solar projectors gives us the opportunity to educate the public about the vast possibilities of solar energy as the primary source of electricity, in our case solar powered lights.

As the main website lampi-solare.ro grew in popularity on the romanian market, we decided to provide the products for all EU member countries through solar-led-lights.eu.

Our mission

To promote the respect for nature and protect it, educate and inform the general public about alternative energy solutions and, above all, bring light with the help of batteries and latest LED technologies in households and commercial spaces in Romania and beyond.

The future

As of now we are only selling solar powered lights, but with time we want to extend our product offering to include other solar powered gadgets that bring value and also solar panels for homes and businesses in Europe.

We strongly believe that solar energy is the future and we should invest more in this sector for the well-being of our planet and our future generations.

solar lights
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Fiscal code: RO30957540 Registry No: J22/2039/2012
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