Solar street lamp IP65 18 LED 15W 1500lm

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Solar street lamp IP65 18 LED peach style

The solar street lamp is designed for narrow yards, alleys or narrow streets.

It has a great lighting power and can be mounted on a wall or poles.

Charging the battery is done in about 8 hours and works for the entire night.

The solar panel adjusts and thanks to the smart controller of the solar lamp, the lamp stops and starts automatically depending on the intensity of the outside light. When the illumination stops, the charging sequence is started automatically.

In terms of the build quality, the lamp feels and looks premium thanks to the metal and glass construction. Power wise is extremely decent for a lamp its size (around 15W) and will fit perfectly in your garden or front yard.

The 18 high power LEDs are guaranteed to work for years (50.000 hours) and provide a luminous output of 1500 lm. If the product is placed at at a hight of approximately 3m-4m from the ground it can illuminate an area of 10 – 15 sqm without a problem.

And the IP65 certification grands resistance to precipitations.

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Weight2 kg

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