Solar wall led light Radar sensor IP65 60 LED 8.1W 1100lm

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The solar lamp has an aluminum housing that gives resistance to corrosion over time. The lamp is charged with the solar panel that has 5V 3.22W output and manages to fill the battery in about 7 hours, the energy being stored in a 6000mAh battery that uses Lithium-Iron-Phosphate technology with a lifetime of more than 3 years.

Those 60 LEDs are very strong being perfect for yards and medium sized gardens.

The operating time of a lamp varies depending on the charge level, at a load of approx. 90% it lights all night (once every 8 hours), but autonomy can also be influenced by how it works.

Operating modes:

Mode 1 – Eco sensor mode: The lamp lights up in economy mode and when motion is detected for 15s lights up at full power
Mode 2 – Sensor mode: The lamp turns on at maximum power for 15s when motion is detected then goes off
Mode 3 – On: the lamp stays on permanently (not recommended in winter)
Mode 4 – Lanterna: In emergency situations, the lamp can be lit for 30 minutes at a time

The product works even in rain and winter, with IP65 certification!

It is perfect for street lighting, exterior yards, entryways into the yard, entry into the house, entry into the store, entry into the warehouse / farm etc.

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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions35 x 25 x 25 cm

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Operation time


Housing material

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Solar panel

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